During the seven days heading to Maldives South I was tirelessly bombarded by the lines of Frank Mc Court in which he resisted being a “kodak daddy” “in use” during the journey he had just started with his newborn son and immortalized every moment that would give him his human puppy.

Like him, I felt abducted by the immense range of emerald greens that gave me the surface of the Inidico and that Mc Court dreamed to show his son when his two years old could appreciate the colors of Crom in the Irish countryside.


MV Carpe Vita Maldives

Well, like him, I took on the role of mom with buddy instead of son and compact camera for lack of kodak, replacing the Irish landscapes in the depths Maldives under the level zero.

The range of greens slowly submerged among the blues, bathed by an immense variety of live corals, gigantic gorgonians, settlements of cleaning stations, numerous groups of blankets, turtle tours, sharks of almost all types and sizes (next to the unexpected hammer, we counted ten types, nothing less). Sadly Mr. Court did not have time to share with his offspring the magic that arises when the turquoise blue and the emerald green intermingle, illuminates everything that represents the pleasant, the tolerance, the rest, and the sweet harmony of the trust.

I have not suffered the inclemency of such an egregious writer, whose misfortune was part of his unhappy existence. Life did not give him the opportunity to savor the pleasure of an adventure as part of it, not even as a sporadic event.

Few memorable moments accompany us in the way we have left. Travels like this mark indelible milestones in our brief passage through time. In five minutes we can plan a whole life (or a trip). So relative is time.

I hope to have the luck that Buceotrip will continue accompanying me on this path.


Irene de los Bueis