I would like to share with you my first experience in a diving trip.

It had never crossed my mind to become a diver, but my boyfriend is and at the end and I do not know how, I was enrolled in the PADI Open Water course. And I tell what, I will be eternally grateful to him for having made me discover a fascinating world. I got my certification in November 2018, and in January of this year we were on my first diving trip to the Red Sea.  We stayed at the Camel Hotel in Sharm-El Sheikh (Egypt) and we contracted the trip with Buceotrip and everything went perfectly well. Being a novice, we decided to dive from a hotel. As you can imagine everything was new to me.

Once installed, the first thing we did was to take our diving equipment to the Dive center (which is in the same hotel), in order to get us assigned a box to leave the equipment, which you will only see again only when you are going to put it on to make the dives, because the hotel staff carries it for you. This seemed great to me!!

Red Sea Maribel Martin

The following day at 8:00 am there we were at the door of the Dive center. Me, ready to start my adventure as a diver, my boyfriend eager to get into the water again. The distance between the hotel and the port is very short and you can do it on foot. Once on board, the instructor made the “briefing” and then we all started getting ready the equipment and putting on the suit. At this moment my nervousness reached historical highs, I’m not going to fool you!!. For the first dive, the crew threw a rope form the boat to the seabed to help us going down slowly. The moment of truth had come. I went down more slowly than normal, I was worried about my ears and the fact of, if I would have any problems with them. However, it was all psychological because I didn’t have any problems at all. When I finally relaxed, the first thing I saw was the spectacular turquoise blue of the seabed and all the life that was around me. In the first dive we went down up to 21 meters and saw incredible fishes, mottled blankets, a large variety of corals. In other words, I discovered a world that until now was unfamiliar to me and fascinating. My nervousness disappeared, and I had my eyes wide open because I didn’t want to miss a thing of all that the sea had hid in its waters. The first dive of my life (without counting those of the diving course) lasted about 35 minutes and I reached the surface absolutely spellbound.

In my first dive, what struck me the most was breathing through the regulator and the new sensation of breathing underwater. It is one of the experiences that I will never forget. I was surprised by the peace that I felt under the water where you can only hear your breathing, it is like an inner journey. It makes you more aware of your body and how it is reacting in a medium that is not yours. This feeling of calm contrasts with the nerves of the beginning that are inevitable. That sound that the bubbles made reminds me of the soundtrack of a fiction movie.

Along with this stillness, I loved the feeling of constantly discovering a world in which you feel very small. As well as, going looking for details that you do not want to miss. I have always liked to care and protect nature but now that I am a diver, it has made me even more aware of taking care of the seabed and protecting all the life that it shelters.

On my first dive trip I also experienced how it is to dive from a ship. Every day at the end of the last dive (they were two per day), one of the best parts of the day was the ship’s food. It was delicious and healthy!  It was buffet style and every day there were trays with different types of food. After recovering strength, we took a nap on the deck in the several great mats this time bathed by the sun. We arrived at the port of Sharm-El-Sheikh around four o’clock in the afternoon.

Once we got to port, it was time to “chill out” at the same hotel where there is an open space to have a coffee and a “shisha” of green apple, coconut or grape, while we discussed all the things that we had seen, and it was time as well to share experiences. The day ended with a walk through the area of shops and restaurants, a light dinner and going to sleep soon because in this type of travel you have to get up very early.

In short, being a diver has opened me the doors to a new world that I have internalized as my own.

I’m already looking forward to my next dive trip!

By Maribel Martin PADI Open Diver 1811UP9187