On our website you can find the two most common types of diving trips, life on board diving boats or hotels from where to go diving. In this section you have a wide selection of the best destinations to dive from hotel. From Sahrm el Sheikh in the Red Sea to the best countries in Asia like Indonesia, the Philippines or Maldives to name just a few. If you want strong emotions you can opt for shark diving in South Africa or Palau. If you prefer to dive in the Caribbean we have Bonaire, the best shore diving in the world.

In each destination we select the best “dive resorts” that are hotels designed by and for divers, where we can enjoy our favorite sport in a safe, comfortable and easy way, with facilities designed to facilitate the best diving experience. We have taken care of the selection of destinations so that you have a wide range of possibilities, whether you are an expert diver in search of strong emotions such as shark diving in South Africa or for those who start in the exciting world of diving and need a quiet place but with quality dives, like Sharm el Sheikh, to name just a few examples.

Diving from the hotel is a good choice for a quiet dive, suitable for all levels of divers, where you can travel accompanied by non-divers, take advantage to do some diving course, either initiation or if we want to improve our level.

The excursions to dive are in the morning after breakfast returning well in the afternoon or at lunchtime, depending on the destination. This facilitates having free time in the afternoon, which we can take advantage of to do more diving but also to relax in the pool or spa, go shopping or enjoy nature in privileged environments and often away from the large concentrations of tourists.

Now you can travel with complete peace of mind thanks to our cancellation insurance, which includes a positive for Covid-19, either before traveling, boarding denials during stopovers or even up to 14 hotel days if you have to confine yourself at destination. Without a doubt, peace of mind when hiring your next diving trip!

If you do not find the destination you are thinking, ask us, maybe we can organize it halfway for you.

These are the countries selected to diving from resort