With more than 16,000 islands, some still unexplored, diving conditions in Indonesia ideal for both novice and advanced divers, pleasant water temperature and an enviable tropical climate.

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Our diving destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia has a great offer dor diving, with Bali and its diving with blankets and sharks, the Strait of Lembeh for lovers of underwater photography “macro” or the relaxing island of Gangga are just some examples of the wonders that Indonesia has for us. Indonesia is possibly the best country in the world for diving


Manado located North of Sulawesi has the good fortune to be right in front of one of the best places on the planet for diving, the Bunaken National Park. The islands of Bunaken, such as Manado Tua, Siladen, etc … are of volcanic origin and at some points descend to more than 1,600 meters deep! Nutrient-rich waters that maintain a reef in perfect conditions where we can find more than 600 species of corals and more than 4,000 marine species including various types of turtles and sharks, especially white tips. A unique place for diving suitable for all levels of divers.

Manado and its surroundings are an interesting destination that can also be combined with another legendary diving point nearby, the famous Strait of Lembeh ideal for lovers of “macro” photography.


The Strait of Lembeh is a large strip of reef located east of the island of Sulawesi. In its dark volcanic sand bottoms hide the strangest and most fascinating creatures, all in an incredible almost lunar landscape. Many divers consider the Strait of Lembeh as the best place for the “Muck diving” and it is a paradise for lovers of underwater photography “macro”. Due to the lack of places to hide in this sandy environment, the species that live there have developed unusual strategies to hide. This unique ecosystem is home to creatures such as the magnificent Ghost Pipefish, Seahorses, rare species of Nudibranchs, the superb Flamboyant Cuttlefish, the incredible Mimic Octopus or the rare hairy Fish Fish!


An interesting diving destination with a great variety of marine life, magnificent dives for all levels of divers and with the possibility of seeing sharks and blankets, all with a Spanish guide and at a very interesting price, what else could you want?

The best dive sites for beginners are around Amed, Padang Bay, and Pulau Menjangan that have very light or often no current at all. Bali also interesting dives to advanced divers, such as around Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Candidasa. The current can sometimes be strong and we can enjoy diving with sharks and giant blanket. If you like wrecks here you can dive in one of the most famous in the world, the “Liberty” sunk in the second world war, spectacular especially during night dive.


The small island of Gangga, located in the North of Sulawesi, is the first of the Sangie Islands that connect northern Indonesia with the Philippines. It is a beautiful island with a unique resort, the Gangga Island Resort & Spa, one of the best in the country, with great quality of service and impeccable management. This privileged island has an unbeatable location as it is only an hour and a half by boat from two of the best diving spots in Indonesia, in Bunaken Marine Park and the Strait of Lembeh.

With its more than 30 diving points in its surroundings, the island offers a wonderful variety of marine life with rare species and reefs in perfect condition

Gangga Divers has 5 wooden boats built specifically for diving, three with washbasins on board, all with easy and fast access. The power of the engine oscillates between 80 and 360 horses. Each boat also has towels, freshwater tanks for cameras, drinking water, hot drinks and snacks. Gangga Divers also has a technical service room with service to repair and maintain the regulators of Scuba Pro and Aqualung.

An ideal diving destination for all types of divers, even couples whose members do not dive, as they can enjoy its wonderful beaches, spa, or pleasant days of snorkel.


The central area of Sulawesi is one of the best and most unknown places in Indonesia for diving. The Tompotika Dive Lodge is a small and dive resot specially designed for divers and nature lovers. In a privileged environment (it is the only resort in the area) you can enjoy a diving of the highest quality, especially for lovers of the “muck dive” and the photo “macro”. Perfect to combine with a few days of trekking through the Tompotika Mountain (1,550 mts.) making this a very interesting trip for its value for money.


North of the great island of Lombok we find tiny islands called Gilis where time seems to have stopped. Here life passes quietly and enjoys a high quality dive away from other more crowded areas of Indonesia.