South Africa is one of the best destinations in the world for diving from hotel if you like sharks. Here you will see them all year round, including the Great White Shark, the imposing Tiger Shark and the famous shark of the area, the “Ragged Tooth Shark“.


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Here in Unkomaas we find the “Aliwal Shoal” reef where we can dive with sharks all year round. In summer we have the famous “sardine run” where you can see lots of pelagic or dolphins and whales having a feast of sardines. One of the best destinations in the world for diving from hotel with sharks


It is a unique encounter of fauna. Following the annual migration of the sardine along the South African coast that begins in June of each year, as the schools of sardines move towards the North the size of the sardine banks tends to grow incredibly. This trip attracts a multitude of predators who follow this migration, exploiting this source of localized and abundant food. Here we can see feeding at the same time a great variety of dolphins, numerous species of birds, whales, sea lions and lots of sharks giving “hunt” for the sardines. A unique show in the world that you should not miss.


Aliwal Shoal on the South African coast consists of a large reef about 3 km long. It has many different dive points for all levels of divers.

Aliwal Shoal is ranked as one of the 10 best places in the world to dive with sharks and without a doubt the best for this type of diving from hotel. Here we can see “Ragged Tooth Shark” from June to November, Tiger sharks from December to June, or black tip sharks all year round in addition to dolphins and turtles. At the time of year with warmer water appear giant blankets. If all this does not seem enough you can see humpback whales from June to October or early November. Nowhere else diving from hotel can you find such amount and variety of pelagic.