On our website you can find the two types of scuba diving vacations, liveaboard diving and diving from the resort. In this section you have all the programming of diving mode liveaboard. The liveaboard or diving safaris are the best option if what you are going is diving to the fullest and the more better, it allows you to access diving areas where you can not get diving from hotel and take more time as in 7 nights You usually do twice as many dives as you would dive from the hotel. While many liveaboards are suitable for all levels of divers, it is recommended (in several destinations it is mandatory) a certain experience or even advanced level to enjoy the dives. However you can also take a liveaboards to do some diving course (on some routes including the Open), get the Nitrox certification etc. In our blog you have an article that tells you about how it is a day on liveaboard Vessel.

If what you are going is diving the more the better and the strong emotions, the liveaboard should be without a doubt your choice.