On our website you can find the two most common types of diving trips, liveaboard and diving from the hotel. In this section you have all the programming so you can choose the destination and diving with boat that best suits your tastes.

Liveaboard or diving safaris are the best option if you are diving to the fullest and the more the better. These are boats designed and designed for diving, perfectly equipped to enjoy our favorite sport in a comfortable and safe way.

These floating hotels usually make routes with navigations of 7 or 10 nights, or even more in some cases as the “special biodiversity” of Indonesia of no less than 15 nights on board. This allows you to access more remote diving areas where it is not possible to dive from the hotel and be able to do many more dives. You take more time and you can also vary more from diving points when moving from one place to another, in some cases with considerable distances, such as Maldives when sailing from one atoll to another, this way you can enjoy all the variety of dives and marine fauna offered by the country you visit.

In order to enjoy this type of trip to the fullest, a certain diving experience is recommended, depending on the destination and route it is even mandatory to have an advanced diver’s degree. However you can also take advantage of a life on board to do some diving course (on some routes including the Open), get the advanced degree or Nitrox, which is highly recommended for this type of diving trips. In our blog you have an article that tells you about how it is a day aboard a diving boat.

In each country you will find the best destinations to dive from by boat, in some cases like Maldives we indicate the entire fleet that we offer with the characteristics of each boat, since although the destination is the same each boat has its particularities and thus you have a first information to Be able to decide which one best suits your preferences.

Now you can travel with complete peace of mind thanks to our cancellation insurance, which includes a positive for Covid-19, either before traveling, boarding denials during stopovers or even up to 14 hotel days if you have to confine yourself at destination. Without a doubt, peace of mind when hiring your next diving trip!

If you do not find here the destination you have thought about, do not hesitate to contact us, maybe we can organize your custom trip, even if it is a destination that does not appear on our website. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are a group since all boats offer a free depending on the number of divers, we will be happy to advise you on the best option for your group trip.

If diving is the best and strong emotions, liveaboard diving should be your choice.