The Palau reefs are at a unique crossroads where three of the main currents of the planet meet, which means that there is always a large amount of nutrients that maintain a perfect food chain. It is home to more than 1,500 species of fish and 700 species of coral as well as large pelagic species. In Palau we have mythical dive sites such as the Blue Corner, where the current can reach four knots! o Gernam Channel, in addition to Peleiu Express, impressive places where you can see lots of sharks. Undoubtedly one of the most complete diving destinations that exist. Recommended for experienced divers.

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Palau is a country that belongs to the confederate states of Micronesia, located in the Pacific Ocean to the north of Papua New Guinea and to the east of the Philippines. It is an archipelago formed by more than 350 islands, many of them uninhabited. Its privileged location halfway between Japan and the United States played a fundamental role in World War II. To the south of Palau, on the island of Pepeliu, one of the most important battles of the Pacific campaign took place, which has left us many wrecks, including airplanes, which delight the divers.

Diving in Palau is simply a wonder, considered one of the “top” of world diving for its incredible variety of dives that we can find here. In Palau we can dive in quiet reefs, mangroves, reefs with strong currents such as the “Blue Corner” where we will see a large number of sharks or “German Channel” often frequented by Giant Blankets, cave diving. Furthermore, we can dive in World War II wrecks, diving in channels, incredible nocturnal to enjoy animals as unique as the Nautilus or also snorkeling in the famous jellyfish lake, among other pleasant experiences.

While we can dive throughout the year, it often rains during the months of July to October. In Palau we will find an incredible visibility that can reach 60 meters, and a water temperature between 27º to 30º.

It is advisable to have advanced diving experience and qualification in order to, enjoy each and every one of the unforgettable diving spots that Palau offers us