Diving in the Red Sea,  the only tropical sea relatively close to Europe, only 5 hours away we find a fascinating underwater world, with a great variety of diving routes for all levels of divers.

In our blog you will find more detailed information about the different routes of the Red Sea in liveaboard diving, etc.

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Despite the large amount of marine traffic that plows its waters annually and the increasing number of divers who visit it, diving in the Red Sea continues to be a marvel, one of the seas with the greatest visibility on the planet, with relatively little activity fishing industry and very little industry that pollutes its waters. Another circumstance is the oscillation of the temperature that causes the water to pass from 30º in summer to just over 22º in the colder months, which oxygenates its waters and allows the coral to be maintained in excellent conditions. Their currents also influence positively contributing nutrients and maintaining the trophic chain. 17% of the marine species that we will see here are endemic, that is, we will not find them in any other sea on the planet. A sea with a great variety of routes and dives, spectacular reefs, mythical wrecks, caves, sharks, etc. What more do you want with only 5 hours of flight from Euope?

Our diving routes in the Red Sea


It is the “classic” route of the Red Sea, which is usually done if it is your first visit in these waters and which all types of divers can do regardless of their level. Little navigation, good dives on reefs and especially wrecks, all at a comfortable depth to dive and with excellent visibility. Interesting night dive.

North and Brothers islands

Excellent combination of the “classic” North with one of the best places to see pelagic, the Brothers Islands. Suitable for Open divers with 50 accredited dives, you can enjoy impressive encounters with sharks “Longimanus”, thresher shark or diving in mythical wrecks like the “Thistlegorm“.

Brothers, Daedalus & Elphistone

The best triangulation of the Red Sea to see sharks, the Brothers Islands, the island of Daedalus and the reef of Elphistone. Impressive dives with pelagic reefs and high quality reefs full of life. Route only for advanced divers and  not night dive available in this tour.

Zabargad, Daedalus and Rocky Island

Another interesting triangulation for advanced divers, the islands of Daedalus, Zabargad and Rocky Island, the latter located in the south of Egypt bordering Sudan. It is a route in which you sail more than in the BDE but the little frequented of the area and the encounters with sharks are interestings.

St. Johns

The South of the Red Sea, here we find the largest marine park in the country, with 31 reefs of incredible beauty and where pelagic encounters are also frequent. Places like “Claudia” and “Gotta Soraya” are considered to be the best diving spots in Red Sea.

Route “2 weeks”

This is a route of 14 nights on board without touching port that runs through the best of the entire Red Sea. Ideal for those who want to dive in the best of North and South in a single trip, because in the “2 weeks” we can enjoy the best dives in each area.